Sphinx - Original Vintage Film Poster

Category Original Vintage Film Poster
Genre Mystery
Year 1981
Film Star Director: Franklin J. Schaffner Writers: John Byrum (screenplay), Robin Cook (novel) Stars: Lesley-Anne Down, Frank Langella, Maurice Ronet, Egypt, Sphinx, Tutankhamun, Valley of the Kings
Size UK Quad 30 x 40 inch
Condition A Grade (click for details)
Price £79
Reference folded
Details Valley of the Kings artwork together with the death mask of Tutankhamun grace this British quad film poster from 1981. Lesley-Anne Down is the Egyptologist dressed for a day at work like no other as she attempts to halt the tomb robbers. She gets shot at, attacked by bats, slung into a dungeon of rotten corpses and is shot at as well as being nearly raped - not what she expected when she agreed to take the job on!

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