Mothra - Original Vintage Film Poster

Category Original Vintage Film Poster
Genre Sci Fi
Year 1961
Film Star Ishirô Honda (dir), TOHO, Furankî Sakai, Hiroshi Koizumi, Kyôko Kagawa, moth
Size 13 x 30 inch Australian day-bill
Condition A Grade (click for details)
Price £199
Reference draw 1 small
Details Superb condition stone litho printed Australian cinema day-bill film poster from 1962 for "Mothra" with no pinholes. This Japanese monster horror was directed by Inoshiro Honda and from the TOHO stable with a great story and excellent special effects. The studios came up with a novel idea with Mothra's guardians being two tiny twin girls and a greedy businessman who covets them. Filmed in TOHOSCOPE and printed by Robert Burton of Sydney.

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