2001 A Space Odyssey - Front of House / Lobby Cards

Category Front of House / Lobby Cards
Genre Sci Fi
Year 1968
Film Star Stanley Kubrick (dir), Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, William Sylvester, space, astronaut
Size 8 x 10 inch
Condition A Grade (click for details)
Price £599
Details These rare black and white cinema stills feature classic scenes from the Stanley Kubrick directed masterpiece including "The main passenger lounge area of Space Station V. The floor curves upwards because the lounge is on the outer rim of the giant, 1000-ft diameter wheel." Some of the cards have typed descriptions which are numbered and relate to the cards including cards 28, 118, 144, and 9 (these are very detailed). There is also a brown exhibitor envelope. Various scenes include astronaut Frank Poole (Gary Lockwood) relaxing and receiving sun ray treatment aboard the Discovery, Keir Dullea as Mission Commander of the Discovery, The Whirlpool kitchen complete with stewardess, the lunar party, the control desk and more. Please note these rare cards do have some sellotape historical brown staining which has shown through to the front at the bottom border and also multiple pinholes in the corners.

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